PigOut Roasters

The PigOut® Roaster was developed to help Caterers make money; attracting customers, taking away many of the hassles of event catering and allowing BBQ enthusiasts to WOW their friends.

Following a career in event catering which included owning numerous British built roasters, in 2007 Alan Dickson emmigrated to Canada with the aim of creating the worlds best Pig Roasters and Portable Outdoor Cooker. Frustrated by the cumbersome equipment that was available that enclosed the pig in boxes or under a black bbq, wired and tied with no customer appeal, took days to roast, required lots of fuel and often resulted in an unappetising finished product Alan set about creating the PigOut Roaster. Made in Canada using top quality stainless steel and a powerful direct drive motor the roaster was launched in 2008 at the NRA in Chicago and the CRA in Toronto and quickly gained popularity as the leader in its field.

“We have made no compromises on quality and have proven how the versatility of the PigOut® Roaster attracts clients that traditionally would steer clear of dirty smoky BBQs”. Golf and Country Clubs, Wedding Venues, Ski Resorts and private Catering Companies including the renowned McCall’s Catering in San Francisco are PigOut Roaster owners.

The greatest testament to the product is the number of caterers who have bought one Roaster and after their first season have purchased further roasters; Inboden's in Chicago owns 4 units.

PigOut® established a network of Licensed catering business in Southern Ontario, these are independanly owned and operate under the PigOut® name. Throughtout the world caterers who use the Roaster are promoted through a free listing on the Catering Web Site at www.pigout.ca and are offered a HOW TO Support Manual with invaluable advise for those setting up a Catering Business.

Our aim is to help caterers to become more sucessful by attracting new customers who are happy to spend a little extra to WOW their guests:- roasting Lambs, Hip of Beef, Suckling Pigs, Rotisserie Chicken, Whole Hogs, smoking or steaming..... the PigOut Roaster's clean good looks, fuel efficient burners and unique portability make it an invaluable investment for any Caterer.





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