Quick Tips
  1. Not all meats, grill, smoke and cook equally.

  2. The flavor spectrum is relational to the type of fuel and amount of involvement.

  3. The more interaction with the protein on the grill, contributes to the flavor profile.

  4. For a savory flavor, go for a Maillard reaction. This is a result of protein breaking down and reducing sugar that caramelizes food which unravels a distinctive creamy, flavorful note. Have fun next time you sear a steak or charring a burger and create your own distinct Maillard reaction. 

  • Flavor intensity increases when meat is closer to the heat.
    As the protein is closer to direct heat, the amount of your interaction will need to increase to keep the meat from burning.

  • Fuel types are considered a flavor seasoning. Charcoal offers a charred flavor while pellets provide a mild flavor enhancement. Wood, especially soaked or infused with added flavor like bourbon or hickory, elevates the unique flavorful spectrum. Experiment and create your own flavor spectrum and be sure to share with us!

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