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Sweet Swine O' Mine

SMP rub

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Classic Rub: This rub is created from the flavors found in the border, having the combination of the spiciness of Mexico with the most traditional American preparations based on sweet, the best combination with this rub is in the smoked pork ribs.

Rub de Cafe: This rub is created for two purposes: the first is to give our cuts of meat flavors with notes of coffee and toasted spices (for its high content of coffee) and the second purpose is to soften, since coffee is a natural softener of the meat, perfect for very fibrous cuts and of long cooking at low temperatures, such as brisket, chamorros and picañas.

Texas: In Texas, being a livestock state, BBQ is practiced with brisket. Its large amount of fat prevents it from drying out during cooking, for this the rub BBQ Texas is the best choice since it helps to raise its flavor during the smoked for six to twelve hours. It can also be used on shoulder, ribs and head of beef.

Memphis:We created the BBQ Memphis, honoring the city of smoked and ribs. Preferably used in pork and ribs smoked slowly to highlight its maximum flavor. You can prepare the ribs with the dry or wet rub (spraying water).

Kansas: The BBQ Kansas has no limits, it can be applied in whatever you like, smoked mainly on walnut. Due to their sweet flavors they are perfect for ribs whether beef or pork, any broso muscle, or whole animals.

Rub Del la Costa: The rub of the coast is created to be an excellent combination for fish and seafood, it is a perfect union thanks to its salty and acidic flavors with foods from the sea, however it is also an excellent seasoning for steamed vegetables and for the vinaigrettes of the salads.

Rub Rojo: The red rub is created for all purposes, from raw cuts of beef to pork, poultry and fish; including rice, broth, vegetables, vegetables, etc .; a multi-purpose seasoning, given to the combination of basic cooking spices such as: salt, garlic, pepper, chili pepper and paprika. Leaving more salty notes to food, this being the most versatile of all our rubs.

Rub Del Norte: The rub of the North is created from the traditional flavors and smells of the northern part of Mexico, but a little more accentuated in the northeastern region. The basic ingredients are salt, garlic, oregano, cumin, pepper and onion. This combination is especially dedicated to seasoning complete animals such as goat, piglet, sheep, birds, etc.

Ultimate White: It is a dry seasoning widely used in the state of Alabama, being the most used type of BBQ; highlighting, principally, by its white color. Like the Ultimate Black Rub, it works very well as a base for your food, being able to combine it with other spices, seasonings; or, smoked salt.

Ultimate Black: It is a seasoning widely used in the state of Texas. This seasoning works as a base for your food, from a meat to a garnish. From a rib eye, to some charro beans. You can combine it with other spices, seasonings; or, smoked salt.

Chipinque: A classic chile lime seasoning that goes well with seafood and chicken.

Choose from one of 11 great seasonings: classic, texas, kansas, memphis, rub de cafe, rub del la costa, rub rojo, rub del norte, ultimate white, ultimate black,and Chipinque

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