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Sweet Swine O' Mine

Meadow Creek PR-36 Charcoal Smoker

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It’s a grill…no, it’s a pig roaster… .no, it’s a smoker… .no, it’s 

a water smoker! It’s the most versatile unit we have ever 

built! There are no limits to what, and how, you can cook on 
the new PR36! Try a pork butt or brisket using indirect heat, 
then put the steaks, burgers and hot dogs on direct heat .
Overall length 44"

Cooking area over 3 sq . ft . (490 sq . inches)

All PR series cookers come equipped with a stainless steel thermometer installed in the lid to monitor the roaster temperature. 


All transportable units have easy lube hub.


Cooking area over 3 sq . ft . (490 sq . inches) 

Uses wood or charcoal

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