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Hasty Bake

Hasty Bake Roughneck Barrel Smoker

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Comes with wheel assembly, lower cooking rack, and a tel-tru thermometer.

The all-new Hasty Bake Roughneck "Barrel" Smoker is finally here. Get the convenience, flavor, and temperature control of a traditional barrel smoker, without all the headaches! Showcasing the signature Kent Rollins rustic cowboy-patina, Kent calls this his "Cowboy Smoke Box." This cooker is made by hand in Tulsa, Oklahoma of heavy-duty corten steel. Corten is specially designed to surface-rust and self-seal, creating a rustic outer shell that will continue to patina without affecting the integrity of the steel. 

This functional showpiece proudly showcases high-quality welds, craftsman tooling marks, and raw ingenuity. No two cookers' finishes are exactly alike, and years of use will provide you with some cowboy cookin' stories of your own.

Stress-tested by some of the highest-ranked cooks in BBQ for over a year, this cooker has incorporated long-desired features often requested by barrel/drum-using cooks on the competition trail. The raw Corten steel eliminates the risk of powder coat burn or paint discoloration. A sizable, heavy-duty firebox holds enough coal that you'll never need to refill mid-cook.  Graduated, laser-cut vents and a slide-in heat shield give you precise heat control for every style of cooking. A large fire door allows full access to the coals for adding smoking wood, tending your fire, or effortless clean-out when the cook is done. The legendary Hasty Bake convection is achieved with our signature-shaped hood and precise vent placement, circulating heat and smoke around your meat, rather than billowing up a chimney.

With just a little practice, burn times can exceed 18 hours with little to no adjustment. Step up your game with the all-new Hasty Bake Roughneck barrel smoker.

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