• B&B xl Texas size premium lump charcoal 24lb

B&B xl Texas size premium lump charcoal 24lb

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100% Natural hardwood with NO additives or fillers, our B&B Texas Size XL PREMIUM LUMP CHARCOAL is made using our select blend of Argentinian White Quebracho Lump Charcoal.

Quebracho comes from the Spanish words quebrar and hacha, or quiebra hacha, which translates into “axe breaker.”

These dense, oversized lumps of charcoal burn hotter, longer, and cleaner and guaranteeing that maintained heat for those longer cook times. SO much longer, in fact, they can be reused 2 to 3 times!

From backyard chefs to championship-winning pitmasters, B&B has been producing the highest quality charcoal for over 50 years. Our title of “The Expert’s Choice For the Outdoor Barbequer” has been well earned.

Taste the Flavor and experience the quality difference that B&B Charcoal offers.