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R&V Works (Cajun Fryer)

The customer’s needs come first and meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations is our #1 priority.” It is only in understanding and meeting their needs, that we as a company, can reach our full potential.

Our Goal is to provide the most attractive, efficient, and well built product available on the market for the most competitive price anywhere!

R & V Works is all about providing exceptional value to our customers. We believe that providing versatile, high performance, low maintenance gas fryers with unsurpassed quality will give our customers the greatest all around value for their investment. Our promise to our customers is to provide a top quality product with exceptional customer service and to exceed every customers’ expectations, every time.

Our company has been in business since 2000. Our product and our reputation speak for themselves. We have increased production every year that we have been in business. Please allow us to provide you with the best product of its kind on the market today.

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