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Sweet Swine O' Mine

Sweet Swine O' Mine World Champion Pork Shoulder Seasoning Kit

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Includes one bottle each:

Sweet Brine O' Mine (Enough for 1/2 Gal. of Liquid)

White Lightning

Sweet Rub O' Mine

The Winning Recipe:

Light layer of White Lightning All Purpose Rub

Medium layer of Sweet Rub O' Mine Original Barbecue Rub

Inject 1 oz of Sweet Brine O' Mine per pound of meat (Mixed according to directions)

Smoke till nice color is achieved

cover/tent/wrap and cook until meat reaches:

195 in picnic for whole shoulder

203 in Butt 

140 for Loin

Glaze with your favorite sauce or with Sweet Sauce O' Mine Original Sauce for World Champion Pork Shoulder Results

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