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Sweet Swine O' Mine

Portable kitchen PK 300

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Now comes the latest iteration. So far, all of the new PKs have lived up to our performance expectations set by the Original Original. PK300 tweaks the Original Original design and incorporates upgrades borrowed from PK360 and PKGO. Here are some of the new features:

• Taller working height. The cooking surface on the new model is raised up from 27 inches to 30 inches off the ground, making it easier to stand at the grill and cook.

• Cart construction is beefed up with cast aluminum lugs and aluminum tube rails.

The lid hinge is upgraded from the Original to the new, improved heavy duty Dura-hinge.

• The interior ash control system prevents ash from escaping the capsule out the bottom.

• More shelf space. One and two fold-down shelf models will be available, and the cart features a storage shelf at the bottom.

• A digital thermometer probe port is included on the rear capsule for minimal interference.

• An improved hinged cooking surface with a removable section creates easy access to coals, simplifying indirect cooking.

And we’re told a version of the optional FLIPKIT from the PKGO is planned so you can have two grills in one. 


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