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American Hotbox Pro

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American Hotbox Pro is the most versatile and advanced roasting system on the market, built to perform for years. Going beyond all other smokers, grills, and roasters, American Hotbox Pro is made with all stainless steel construction designed to deliver roasting performance season after season with very little maintenance. Made with exacting tolerances, American Hotbox Pro can roast a whole 100lb (168 max) hog in four hours or less with consistent roasting performance event after event.  The difference between this unit and the American Hotbox Pro LC is the graphics and marketing capabilities. All the same options are available, check options below.You can roast thousands of items in the American Hotbox Pro. Each component was designed to last longer than any system you have used in the past. You can roast 6 to 8 Boston Butts at the same time while you spit roast 5 chickens on top (up to three small rotisserie units on top that can do 20 chickens) and still cook some hamburgers and brats on the grill. An optional Large Rotisserie is available by special order. Up to 65lb pig.

Complete catering for up to 250 peeps at one time. Solid stainless steel all made in the USA, using all USA sourced components. No cheap Chinese or “Made in China” and assembled in the USA…ITS ALL MADE IN THE USA.  When you buy American Hotboxes you are supporting American Families.

The cutting boards are one option you will want with your unit to give your hog presentation that polished professional look even if you have never roasted a pig in your life.