Ruthie Mountain Smoked Pepper

We started our business in Mount Olive which is located in the Arkansas Ozarks.  First we developed a business of private vacation homes on the White River and then we built a custom made smoke house at one of the cabins. We use hickory wood exclusively that adds to the great flavor of the individual peppers.

Ruthie Mountain Smoked Pepper uses vine ripened peppers and puts them through a cool, hickory smoke-dried process taking a minimum of 100 hours of continual smoking.  Once the peppers are dried, production and bottling is completed at the Arkansas Food Innovation Center (AFIC).  There are no additives, preservatives, salt or drying agent in our finished one-ingredient product "Pure Ground Hickory Smoke Dried Pepper".  Our pepper tastes great on wings, steaks, pork and fish and adds flavor to veggies, soups and stews. Use instead of paprika on deviled-eggs, mix into dips or sprinkle on popcorn for a tasty snack.





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